Eva Fay Colour

About the book:

This book documents the years of study undertaken by the author during the period 1976 – 1977 at the famous Shillito Design School (1962 – 1980) in Sydney, Australia. Eva used much of this knowledge to become a renowned Australian colour and design educator at the Tertiary level in Sydney and co-created the acclaimed School of Colour and Design based partially on the teachings of Phyllis Shillito.

Design, art and craft educators and students will find this book an invaluable historical reference of the unique colour course that the brilliant English educator, designer and artist Phyllis Shillito taught at her own school and at ESTC, now the National Art School (1925 – 1960) in Sydney.

It includes strategies for understanding colour organisation, colour mixing, colour planning and application to whatever design or art endeavour you choose.

Features and Details

Primary Category: Education

Additional Categories: Art, Fine Arts, Design, Colour, Historical

Project Option: Standard landscape  10x8 in, 25x20 cm

No of pages: 64

ISBN Hard Cover ImageWrap: 978-0-6450251-0-1

Publish Date: March, 2021

Language English

Keywords: colour, color, design, artist, painting, Phyllis Shillito,  australian, historical, education

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